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Joel Mogorosi out for three months – Rollers coach says


Joel Mogorosi will be out of action for at least three months following an injury he suffered in a game Township Rollers beat Sharps Shooting Stars 2-0 at the UB Stadium this Sunday afternoon

The club’s coach Nikola Kavazovic revealed after the match that Mogorosi had suffered a fractured leg after a tackle on him in the 12th minute of the game. Mogorosi has been instrumental in the previous four games of Rollers, having scored four goals and provided two assists, and he could have easily scored again in the first minute of the game, but his shot rattled the upright.  Further diagnosis has revealed a fractured right leg and minor injuries on the left leg.
“From now on every game we will be playing we will be playing it for him,” the Rollers coach said. The Rollers’ coach pulled no punches in especially attacking their opponent s for what he deemed negative football in a match Joel Mogorosi had to be pulled off in the early stages of the first half following a rough tackle from behind.

“ A team that was brave to suffer more pain, more punches, more  kick boxing hits  as well as too late tackles from behind won the match and the team that was punching, hitting, destroying the game and breaking Joel Mogorosi’s leg lost. One team was playing football while the other came here to fight. I hope they are the only team the league has that destroys football. I am taking this opportunity, no matter what punishment may be meted on me to pay money –  they might do that – to urge the BFA and all those responsible to protect our players and their skills because what happened today was an attack on my players. Now Joel Mogorosi, a legend of Botswana football, has paid the price because of teams like this whose name I don’t even know,” said Kavazovic.

The livid coach repeated his vitriol on Stars that it was a small team whose name he did not even know, adding that he was not surprised as such is to be expected against the champions. Rollers are the defending champions of the BTC Premiership that this weekend entered the fifth round for the 2017/18 season. The coach said: “I want to honour my players because today we demonstrated  that we are the best team in the country and that we are going to win all trophies this season.”   

Township Rollers coach Nikola Kavazovic is unhappy at how Mogorosi was injured


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