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WANTED ALIVE Online petition seeks the face of Omphile Sehurutshe


An online petition was launched on Sunday to demand that television personality Omphile Sehurutshe be roped in to host the Covid-19 briefings on national television channel, Btv.

The petition sought an initial 5000 signatures and by Sunday night, that number had been surpassed with over 5200 signing to get Sehurutshe on the Covid-19 briefings podium. The petition the sought 7500 signatures.

The online petitioner, The Bond, describes Sehaurtshe as a brilliant tv presenter and a great interviewer who can get as much information from the people he is hosting in order to inform the public more on Covid-19 pandemic issues.

The petitioner states: “Lately its been hard to extract the required information from the Botswana Covid-19 task team, information that is very crucial to the health of our population. This is largely due to the soft and lenient hosts who rarely ask deep, hard hitting questions necessary to answer the many Covid-19 related questions the public might be having. Over the years Omphile Sehurutshe has proven himself to be a tough presenter and interviewer on The Eye, a current affairs programme on Botswana Television. He says as a current affairs programme that avails a platform for society to hold its leaders accountable, the element of harshness is inevitable. He says holding people accountable has to have pressure testing and that as a presenter, one has to strive to get the absolute truth through questioning the subject. Starting his freelance career in broadcast journalism in 2006 as a self-taught individual, Sehurutshe believes he has grown in the art of holding interviewees accountable. We believe if he was to present the Covid-19 media briefings he will be able to hold accountable the Covid-19 task team whenever they dissipate information to the public.”

The online petition has since received an overwhelming response, amd it remains to be seen if BTV management will consider the man for the shows as he has a full time job with a financial institution.

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