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FREE AT LAST Given Carter’s prank crew released but phone confiscated


The social media pranksters who staged a fake penis captivus incident in Shakawe this past week were arrested, questioned and released the same day today by the police.

Penis captivus is an occurrence during sexual intercourse when a man cannot withdraw from a women because muscles in the vagina clamps down on the penis much more firmly than usual. In most cases, the two love makers may have to be separated by a medical procedure or sometime the muscles can let go on their own after some time. Although a rare phenomenon, it is a normal occurrence which however has been associated with witchcraft by most communities in Africa.

And indeed the prankmaster Given Carter Ncube and his crew staged the penis captivus incident and linked it to witchcraft meted on an adulterous couple for marriage wrecking – and many who watched the video on social media were fooled into believing the incident was real.

According to journalist Muthiramu Dierenge who joined them at the police station in Shakawe earlier today, the actors in the now popular prank were questioned and only made to write down some statements before being told they could go home.

“Nobody is in a police cell, I am here with them. Don’t stress,” Dierenge wrote shortly after the release of the prank actors and actress with whom he posed fpr a photograph her shared on his facebook page.

He added that he had followed the actress and other crew members to the police station where he found they had been made to write down the statements on the incident, whereupon he too was made to narrate how he was acquainted to Given Carter, the prank master and director.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Dipheko Motube today confirmed their interest in questioning the actors but could not say exactly what law they had broken. A source close to the crew however told Pula24  that they were informed they could be slapped with a charge of ‘public nuisance although when they left the police station no charge was raised against them.

Dierenge however revealed that a cellphone of one of the actors known as Brian had been confiscated by the police and they were not told when he could get it back.
“I was fooled to think we are gonna celebrate talent in Shakawe because this prank has been considered the best of them all from Given Carter who has made two in the capital city and second capital where the nation celebrated him and were ready for his next bomb which he has always said when interviewed by newspapers: ‘You will never see it coming.’  Maybe you should tell me pranks are unlawful in BW. Aniway, everyone is okay guys,” Dierenge said today after their time at the police station.


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