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DISASTER LOOMS More rains expected but Ncojane village already submerged


Gantsi Acting District Commissioner Patrick Tlotleng says the recent heavy rains have damaged 26 households in Ncojane village, leaving some stranded without shelter.

Tlotleng says they have since evacuated a total of 13 families while assessments continue. “We are temporarily housing some at the Kgotla and at the Rural Administration Centre (RAC) offices, we have been buying them food and toiletries. We have also removed some of their belongings from the flooding houses,” he said.

Tlotleng added that luckily, no one was injured but they have since recommended psychological support for the affected, adding that their properties were damaged by rain and it can be a lot to take in.

Asked if they have a budget for it all, Tlotleng explained that they hope that the National Disaster Management Office will pay up when they issue them with an invoice after doing the best they can to help the affected families.

At the time of writing, Tlotleng could not tell with certainty if the damage caused by the heavy rains extended to livestock. “I am yet to receive information on that. But the clouds are still very much pregnant, we are bracing ourselves for the worst – after all it’s rainy season,” he said.


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