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ASS CRASH Five donkeys killed in freak taxi crash in Thamaga


A taxi driver crushed five donkeys to death in Thamaga yesterday (Thursday).

The 31-year-old is said to have collided with a four wheeled donkey cart that was carrying three people.

Two of those sustained arm injuries and are currently hospitalised at Thamaga Hospital.

Confirming the incident, Thamaga Station commander  Moses Kwarare said the incident happened along the B111 road not far from Engen filling station. The road he said has a sharp bend and probably a factor in the accident.

Though they are still investigating, the taxi driver is likely to be charged with driving without due care and attention. Allegations, he said, also suggest that the driver might had been over speeding.

According to those found at the accident scene, the taxi driver collided with the cart because he was carelessly speeding.

One man who claimed to be a nephew to the owner of the donkey cart said when they arrived at the scene, his uncle and partner were being taken into  car to be rushed to the hospital while the police had taken away the taxi driver, his damaged car and their cart for further investigations.

“The donkey cart was supposed to get on to business as we were to collect firewood in the bush as part of preparations for a wedding this weekend,” the nephew said.

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