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P6 million sponsorship for Gilport Lions


An amount of P6 million in sponsorship is expected to be announced on Thursday night for premier league side Gilport Lions, Pula24 has established. Although none of the involved parties in the sponsorship deal agreed to comment on the reported agreement, Pula24 has learnt that the sponsorship will be granted by a Lebanese national living in Botswana, or a Motswana of Lebanon descent. Gilport Lions is the same team that was previously called BMC FC and was controversially sold to the Ghoratti family who later sold it to Kelesitse Gilika. The P6 million amount could neither be confirmed as true although it is a deal reported to potentially run over three years. The launch is set for Sky Lounge in Gaborone at 1800hrs on October 22, this Thursday. Sky Lounge is a popular joint owned by Gaborone United director and Zac Construction owner Nicolas Zakhem, who is also of Lebanon descent, but Pula24 could not immediately make a connection between the sponsor and him.

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