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WE ARE THE DEVILS. Batswana are to blame for their own mess


Against the swelling wave of disgruntlement and attendant calls to boycott poultry products and other consumables sold by non-indigenous Batswana and foreigners in general, Thebe Roy Johannes is calling on Batswana to look in the mirror to see who their real enemy is on the issues relating to citizen economic empowerment.

An ordinary Motswana himself, his sentiments under the headline, “We are the devils,” have found a lot of support, with other citizens praising him for being brave to raise an issue many Batswana do not want to hear. He wrote:

Am not going to join any movement, any protest or suggestions to castigate the White or foreign minority in my Country, they are humans and must be included in the human cycle. They fulfill and assist in their ways to grow my country.


° There is no Whiteman Director, CEO and Manager in Government enclave who makes difficult laws that frustrate the intentions to create employment.

° There is no White man who is an HR practitioner in Government offices who advises Management to Hire White People and disadvantaging other Batswana.

° There is no Whiteman who uses his evil and satanic ways to destroy another man’s job just just because he is excelling and celebrate his downfall.

° There is no Whiteman who is giving tenders to her friends and corrupt elites and circulating them within the same people for greedy and selfish intentions.

° There is no Whiteman who seat at CEDA,BDC LEA, NDB, SPEDU, BITC or any Government Parastatals who blocks good commercial ideas intended for Batswana and sell them to the whitemen.

Until and unless we change our ways, we can seat in Boardrooms, we can go to parliament, we can sing songs of hatred and insult the President as we like. We can draft Bills and good Policies but we will never make it to where we want. We are pointing fingers to the wrong direction. NO BRAAI PACK must stop will employ multitudes of Batswana in the streets.

We are the Problem, we are the one’s exporting jobs and money that is intended for Batswana. We are the one’s selling land that is awarded by Government in good intentions for our generational growth.

We need to be bold and support the President in his fight towards corruption, we must stop celebrating thieves and vilifying intentions aimed at uplifting Botswana and other Batswana.


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