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CALL FOR HELP Kagiso is not okay, she needs help – says Podcast anchor


Chief Ghost of the Overview Podcast fame has something to say about Kagiso De Klerk and former husband Odirile Sento. It is his view that the two are hurting as revealed in this facebook post he wrote this Thursday night. Here is what the chief ghost has to say:


Kagiso Sento is not okay. She’s hurting. She needs help. What she’s doing on social media is nothing but a cry for a help. Only a fool wouldn’t find anything off with her social media pattern ever since her divorce.

I mean, we have never known Kagiso to be posting about her man this much, nor flaunting about gifts she gets from her man. Between her and Vee, Mampeezy has always been the one who constantly posts about his relationship. Not Kagiso. But ever since the divorce, especially ever since Vee started posting his new relationship, Kagiso is always posting about whatever her mysterious man got her. May it be a cat, a do, a bouquet of flowers, shopping sprees, smart TV, GTI, Range Rover e.t.c.

This is someone trying so hard to match up her ex’s happiness, which makes it obvious that she’s not okay. Divorce is never an easy thing to deal with. She can lie all she wants a re o shapo like how modern divorcees do,but she’s not.

The phase is still too new for one to move on happily like this. They always want to publicly beautify divorce as a defense mechanism, simply because they don’t want to seem as failures and losers in front of everyone. But she is not okay. Kagiso needs help. She’s not okay. Same applies to Vee. Well Vee might be all happy with Sphalaphala and all but deep down he knows that he didn’t want to divorce the mother of his children. Deep down it hurts him that he’s a divorcee, especially as a staunch Christian man. It still haunts him that he ended his marriage with one woman he loved and been with for a very long time. You can even tell by his strings of recent public outbursts that haa sharp. But as much as he’s hurting, Vee has always documented his love live on Social media, so what he’s doing now with Sphalaphala ain’t nothing new.

But you cannot say the same with Kagiso. You see now she’s even gotten under pressure to make premature announcements and even posting questionable things?I’m not saying that the Range Rover is not hers but How many deals and acquisitions have we seen Kagiso posting ever since the divorce? And How many of them have we seen materializing yet, since she brought them all up to our attention?.. And Saddest thing is that she has people cheering he up, gotwe go bakisiwa her ex husband.

If you love Kagiso as you claim to do, you wouldn’t be cheering her up on all these nonsense. You’d rather be asking her to take some time off to heal. Same applies to Vee. If you are Vee’s supporter or fan as you claim to be, you wouldn’t be cheering part of this chaos up. Vee needs to heal as well. The best thing that you can do for them is advice them to find healing.

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