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I am not fake – I am Berry Heart


No one can stop Berry Heart from attaining political office come 2019. She writes about her convictions and says nothing, and no one, will stop her:


“Until someone intelligent explains to me what made me worse than that politician who raped my neighbor’s innocent daughter and was still taken to Parliament by our so ever moral society then I have a right to be a politician. The social is Political. Unless someone very observant explains to me why our society voted the woman barterer to Parliament then I would not back down on being an Honorable. Please, may somebody tell me why they keep voting for adulterers to lead the nation? Is it because they are men living in a masculine society? I am not any better or less than the above although I will never judge them. 
My question is what makes idiots think I am not ‘fit’ to be an Honorable? Someone asked me to delete my nude pictures if I wish to join politics. I choose to refuse to flush memories of this innocent artist inside of me. Because I am not fake – I am Berry Heart on stage and Honorable Kootshepile Motseonageng at home, at my office and in the future your leader.  You must try to elevate to a certain level of intelligence to be able to know such disparities. I know most of the critics have never travelled as far as South Africa (excluding Mafikeng because I know most of you that’s your best holiday destination), (and) therefore know nothing about a person wearing many hats. Do you know (that) I have never received many bookings in the past combined to after my ?#?berryheartfordinner? offering? ?
Damn, NUDITY IS POWER! And I will pose sexy on my lingerie and post my pictures everywhere. I will perform or pose butt naked but trust me you will never see me like that at the mall or at my office or anywhere else apart from the stage. The difference with me and other women is I have no fear on what you say about my body because no matter the level of your disgust to my curvacious body I know I am the prettiest girl in the world. I do not need anyone to tell me that. I am beautiful. Sexual liberation for thick women like me starts with me. Women have for long been denegraded and limited to the kitchen. Berry Heart says NO!I have become a scapegoat because I want to be the change to embrace change.
I am from the underclass or the downtrodden of society herein Bakgalagadi and my people have been thrown insults at being the minority and poor. Jaanong ga nkake ka ta go tshoswa ke lona bo dishashe tsa facebook. People who do not have a voice and use facebook to say your views because no one including your leaders have never given you a chance to express yourselves. La ta la thuswa ke facebook go re roga. You can judge me but you dare, you just dare, try to sentence me then you will know how dangerous a woman can be.
Let me kindly and humbly thank my family and supporters who contributed to the strong woman I am. Girl Power! I maintain my UDC support for the benefit of my society. Tswang hela mo ditshwetsong tsa me ga nke ke tshwenngwa ke tsa lona.


Berry Heart says she will seek political office going towards the next elections


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