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SMC field teams inducted


GREAT ACHAP; the CEO of ACHAP, Dr.Jerome Mafeni chanted with a raised hand. He was officially welcoming ACHAP SMC staff to an induction workshop held on the 22nd to 25th July 2015 at Exec Hotel in Gaborone. He urged the participants to view their new roles as means to securing good health for the nation not as something to do for them to earn a living. He urged them to perform their duties and responsibilities with excellence to avoid complications when delivering the service to the people. “People we need to take this workshop seriously to ensure great service performance as ACHAP has never had a gap in terms of service delivery, let us help young men recognize and understand the importance of circumcising.  Our primary focus should be on the wellbeing of this nation. We need to help these young people reduce the risk of new HIV infections.” Dr. Mafeni said.

The ACHAP CEO stressed that the country already have a small population so we all must stand firm and adopt SMC initiative because studies have concluded that young men who are circumcised have a better chance of being free from HIV/AIDS than those who are not circumcised. Mafeni maintained that this does not mean that young men should be careless, they should build their social behavior and character to maintain good health. Good health should always be a top priority because one cannot be productive when they are sick. He concluded his speech by thanking CDC for recognising and giving ACHAP an opportunity to participate in this project. He pledged continued ACHAP support to the Ministry of Health.

The main objectives of the workshop was to induct the teams on the organizational culture of ACHAP, so that they can understand the values and goals of the organisation to ensure that they are upheld at their sites. Management highlighted their expectation from the teams when delivering SMC services to the nation clients. “We all have expectations but when it comes to this project we have to put our own expectation aside and work as a team towards achieving a common goal which is to reach the desired target and quality.” said the Human Resource Manager Ms. Virginia Monamoledi when delivering her presentation. We have to understand the code of conduct expected when serving our clients. We must utilize our internal and external communication channels to create an environment that is conducive for learning and sharing ideas to achieve the vision and mission of the organisation.

The workshop was attended by key stakeholders including Ministry of Health, CDC Botswana, ACHAP Management and ACHAP SMC field teams from Molepolole, Mahalapye and Gaborone. (ACHAP) side Swaziland reported that ‘Naughty Sindi’, as the Sunday Sun newspaper in South Africa described her, has had affairs with two of King Mswati’s sons, Prince Majaha and Prince Bandzile, who are both in their early twenties. One unnamed source told the newspaper, ‘Sindi has dated both these boys. She’s a party girl used to having fun.’  Another informant told the Sunday Sun, ‘Sindi is no virgin. She drinks and smokes a lot and has tattoos on parts of her body I cannot mention.’ One source told the newspaper, ‘She is only doing it [marrying the king] because she comes from a poor background.’

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