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IT'S A PRANK! Best April Fool’s Day pranks you can play on social media


Today is April Fool’s Day and we want to share with you a few ideas of how you can have fun with your friends, work colleagues or family. Even us at Pula24 Media have decided to use the occasion of April Fool’s Day to see how many people actually open shared links to read before commenting.

We know many do not open links to read but are quick to comment. We plead with you, the one who opened this link and read before commenting, to please allow the prank to run for some time just to see if there will be those commenting in a manner that proves they did not open the link.

You may have seen a picture today of one Kristian Mmusi posting a picture of himself at some function and saying he is joining a new company. Or sports blogger Solomon Kakuwa saying clubs in the local league will be forced to pay minimum of P8 500 to their players.

We at Pula24 think these are prank messages as we too have been planning to prank our followers. But we want you to also join in the fun. Try any of these pranks on people who are close to you today, or on your facebook, twitter(X), Instagram followers, or even through whatsApp.


1. Post a fake engagement ring on your finger

You know that newly engaged girls like posting of their achievements right? Why not do something similar by taking a picture of yourself in your friend’s sparkling ring and just write: “I said Yes. Wow, to new beginnings” Stop there and see how many send you congratulatory messages. This might be fun if the man you are dating also gets to see the post on social media and wonders what is happening.


2. Announce a move to another country

Post a photograph of a city, town, or even country that is very, very, very far from where you live. Then, either straight up announce that you’re moving, or post a subtle hint that you are getting ready to uproot your life and move on to greener pastures. Just make sure you and your landlord aren’t connected on social media because the dude is going to have questions.


3. Post your “bloody” hands and white shirt.

Use Tomato Sauce differently this time – forget about the rice or fresh chips. Use the sauce to bloody your shirt and hands and just post: “Eish, I am sorry guys, I hpe you forgive me for what happened.” Leave it there.


4. Fake a pregnancy/childbirth.

Want to send every single person in your life into a total downward spiral of shock, horror, and abject delight at the fact that they’ll now have something sweet as hell to gossip about? Get a photo of positive pregnancy test and share it as your own. Just announce there’s a bun in the oven. It will still have one heck of an impact. Bonus points if you add something like: “I’m naming him after his father: Ndaba Gaolathe” Choose a well-known person who might add to the shockwaves!


5. Share University acceptance or new job news.

April Fool’s Day is the perfect time to fake a college, university or new job  announcement. If you have creative skills or graphic design skills like Obakeng Matlou, create a convincing acceptance letter or find a photo of one and share that you have just been admitted to the university of your dreams; or to a new company, preferably abroad – as did Kristian Mmusi. This prank works for all social media platforms.


6. Pretend you have no idea who is texting you.

Hit your friends and family with a “Who is dis?” when they text you, and keep playing dumb until you’ve had your fun. Annoy the hell out of them. Maybe don’t do this text messaging prank if your ex or someone you are on the outs with is trying to get back in touch with you.

7. Announce quitting your political party or club.

This one may be a little obvious but if you are creative enough, you can do it to see how people would react to your prank. Only those who can be believed.

8. Congratulate someone on their pregnancy or wedding

Tag a friend and just write: “Wow, congratulations on your pregnancy my friend.” Let her friends join in to celebrate.

9. BONUS: Tell your man you are pregnant

If there is reason for him to believe you, say there was a time you did not use protection, just announce to him today that you have been unsure but now want to alert him that you could be pregnant. See how he reacts. If he blocks you, know he is not the one. Dump him

10. BONUS: Tell your woman you made another girl pregnant

This may be the best chance for you gents to check how she would react. Be creative enough to ensure she does not link it to April Fool’s Day

OUR PRANK: Stir up political activists into exposing how they don’t read but are quick to comment and make opinions

This may not end well. There could be insults and all manner of mudslinging before people read. We had to be a little creative to make this one believable, We stole a picture from an old facebook post with a modified logo of Madibelatlhopho. We felt this is the most topical matter in our political space today. We will be doing the same with other political parties. If you have a sense of humour, share the link to this aricle and just write: “I love politics.” OR “I don’t believe this” OR anything that won’t sell this as an April Fool’s Day Prank

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