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Be careful, facebook and other social media might cost you a job


Landing a dream job or a promotion could be put in jeopardy if you’re sharing questionable things on your social media accounts. Remember: your social media accounts are an extension of who you are.

 Part of what sets apart a good job from a great one is how compatible you are with the vibe of the company. Employers look for culture fit as much as they check your references and confirm your credentials, and that includes a thorough stalk of your social media accounts. While this can be a big perk in some ways, it could also be a turn-off, depending on what you’ve been up to lately. “Your social media accounts reflect where you are in your career and how you present yourself to the world,” explains Vicki Salemi, career expert at monster.com. “Profiles can positively impact your status as a job seeker if you’re posting things that show you’re an influencer in the space, knowledgeable, and friendly,” she says. “On the other hand, if you’re constantly posting snarky things with somewhat of a negative tone, that won’t bode well in your favor when an employer is trying to get a more complete picture of you as a prospective hire beyond the one-dimensional resume.”

 Admit it: If you’re currently single, swiping, and looking, once you figure out your potential match’s name, you’re tempted to Google them. While a dating expert would probably warn you against this deep dive online, the HR rep at your dream company might do the same thing to you but in a different way. They’re probably not as concerned about your ex-partner, but more so, keeping a careful eye out for any deterrents they shouldn’t hire you. “More often than not, an employer will search for someone on social media. They want to get a better picture of who you are help to explore your candidacy further. They look for any red flags like inappropriate comments or posts,” Salemi says. “These can be viewed as a reflection of not only who you are, but the potential inability to handle yourself professionally—this is true even when you think a comment or post is more personal than professional. At the end of the day, yes the lines are blurred, but even a posting about a food you’re allergic to on Instagram is professional—employers can see how you word a sentence as well as get a sense of your voice.” [Readers Digest]


Your behaviour on Social Media can determinine your career destiny

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