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NEW THINGS Limkokwing in successful virtual graduation ceremony


Limkokwing University hosted its first ever most anticipated Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation, on Saturday 27th February, 2021 and the event was  broadcast live on BTV, DSTV Channel 289, as well as the Limkokwing Facebook Page.

A statement released after the graduation ceremony by the university’s communications and Public Relations offices reads:

Limkokwing ecosystem produces extraordinary graduates. Each one is a creative mind with talent that has been unleashed. Each one is a confident youth, comfortable with new media technology. Their creativity and innovative mindset sets them apart and today many are successful in their careers. Some have ventured into business as entrepreneurs within chosen fields if expertise while others have become important participants in growing business of the companies they are employed in.
Another cohort of creative minds has successfully been transformed and have acquired the 21st century skills and are set to become contributors and drivers of the new economy while shining as innovative leaders across all creative industries in Botswana.
At Limkokwing University, our goal has always been to design graduates who can make meaningful contributions to society. Along the way we want to help shape our graduates’ characters while we develop their sense of values and impart to them the skills they need to become World-Class industry leaders. We want to help them think quickly on their feet and adapt to this ever-changing world of new evolving technology. By encouraging their involvement in projects and special events they learn to become team players and active participants rather than passive observers.
All students who were virtually graduating  were eager to experience a different, relevant and limitless type of learning environment. New doors of creativity were opened to them and they were trained using the latest industry-standard equipments, tools, and software in digital and broadcast media, video, web, computer graphics, architecture, advertising and packaging and fashion among many other exciting fields of study that are on offer at Limkokwing University.
Creating industry leaders has been the highest priority at Limkokwing University. LEAP= Limkokwing Entrepreneurship Acceleration Programme is aimed at producing entrepreneurs amongst graduates so they can become employers and not just employees. It is an intensive programme where all that the students learn is put to test as they develop a business idea, work as a team and present their ideas to industry mentors, hence preparing them to think beyond employability upon graduation.

Limkokwing University takes pride in producing industry-ready graduates

This most anticipated virtual ceremony was celebrated under the theme; “Design Your Future”. Having enhanced their talents, sharpened their skills and having broadened their minds within this specialized and globalised ecosystem where Batswana prepare themselves to face an extraordinary future.
These words underscore the capabilities and mindset that we have fostered in our graduating students. The words; “Design Your Future’ are meant to inspire; as well as define the caliber and mindset of our graduating class which is highly skilled, highly adaptive, highly competitive and highly enterprising tech savvy creative thinkers.

The Guest of Honor at this year’s Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation was the honorable Minister for Tertiary Education, Research, Science & Technology Honorable Dr. Douglas Letsholathebe, who also delivered the occasional speech whose words will undoubtedly inspire our graduates.

Limkokwing Botswana is pushing the education transformation envelope and is leading the way as the Innovation and Creativity Hub of Africa, and this is evident through this most globalized cohort of young professionals which is not only from the Botswana but also includes 12 students from  Angola, China, Congo, Egypt, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Philippines, South Africa, eSwatini and Zimbabwe.
The virtual ceremony was particularly dedicated to all our graduating students who have worked hard for the past 3/4 years as well as their families who have been pillars of support to them throughout their academic journey.
Of the (654) students who graduated, a total of (51)   students were awarded with the Tan Sri Limkokwing Awards of Excellence.
The Class of 2020’s contribution is clearly defined with effective channels of communications that if realized, would make the realization of such; a positive substantial work environment. Through effective communications, Limkokwing University’s Class of 2020 bring with them an array of attributes of appreciating, contributing and supporting Botswana’s goals and objectives and are motivated to achieve maximum performance and provide superior, cost-effective service.

Limkokwing University global graduates in general practice; carry the best results that are often achieved through a mix of traditional and contemporary media. They are fully effective, and carry a genuine commitment to creating dialogues that involve and informs creative industries.

Limkokwing Botswana Class of 2020 bring to the industry, government and society, skills in managing new media technology, a problem-solving mindset that seeks innovative solutions to issues and an entrepreneurial spirit that will benefit Botswana as it builds its competitiveness following the new global order as we press towards 2036.

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