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Charma Girl in quarantine with Kabelo Mogwe


To the amusement of their legions of fans in the country and across borders, local music icons Magdelene CharmaGal Lesolebe and Kabelo Kulenyane Mogwe on Sunday posted a video of the pair claiming to be quarantined together in the suburbs of Phakalane.

Their fans reacted with nothing but love and admiration, some even suggesting that the maturity and grace the pair is showing was teaching them a thing or two about life.

The musical duo that married in bliss and later divorced in bitter fashion comes a long way together having been part of the internationally celebrated traditional music group Culture Spears.

The nation was saddened by their divorce and attendant bitter war of words but in recent months the ever jolly pair has been seen to work on musical projects together again, with one video at one point going viral when the two kissed on stage at a show in Ramotswa.

Batswana still love the idea of the two working together and they have made it well known in their comments on the Sunday video where Mogwe urges Batswana to stay safe away from the marauding Coronavirus.

He writes as caption for the video that people should take care of themselves and take heed of advice from medical officers, adding at the end:  #STAY  HOME  it could save lives.

In turn, several of their followers reacted by telling them how much love they still have for them, and even subtly imploring them to go back to what they used to be!

“Wow my favourite people of all the time. I realy love what I see,” writes Boipelo Motsewabeng.

Mpho Bahuma adds: “Charma Gal and Charma Boy… you guys are beautiful together my favorite people.”

“Waitse lona le nthuta sengwe mo botshelong,” chips Gladys Kay Clive.

The fans however go on to tease the pair for failure to observe social distancing as advised by medical authorities, because the two are shown in the video sitting just too close to one another as they take turns to speak.

“Jaanong le bapetseng thata? Gatwe 1m or 2 m apart, koore lona le ntse jang tota…  mis u guys,” writes Jalin Nzo.

To which Charma Gal jokingly responds: “Motho yo the o rata go bapa le nna hai.”

Recently Mogwe posted on social media that the pair along with other members of Culture Spears and other artists were working on a musical project intended to bring together a number of artists across the SADC region.

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