Botswana president praised for exemplary fight against Covid-19


Amidst the relentless criticism leveled against Botswana’s Head of State over the past few days, Press Secretary to the President Batlhalefi Leagajang on Thursday took to social media to praise President Mokgweetsi Masisi, describing him as an exemplary and inspirational leader who above all is modest.

According to Leagajang, former Editor of weekly newspaper Botswana Gazette, Masisi is the envy of other leaders who cannot stop calling to find out how he has managed to keep coronavirus at bay in his country, but refuses to have this story told. The Pres Secretary wrote this Thursday:

Working for this man is such a great honour and privilege. It is a pity a lot of people don’t know what he is dealing with. A lot do not know the maneuvers he is making in order to set this country on a path to prosperity.

I can count the number of calls he receives from other Heads of States and Governments soliciting his advise. He refuses to give me permission to talk about such things. The amount of respect this country has earned because of this man amazes me. It is a pity I am not at liberty to disclose. But sometimes I ask him to allow me to be a rogue and speak my mind and he reminds me that I am not a politician but a public servant.

I enjoy the discussions we have. One thing about him, you don’t engage him on any topic without preparation. His patience and tolerance level puzzle me. He listens. Yes, he listens and accepts criticism and he loves people who tell him the truth and differ with him objectively.

EXEMPLARY AND INSPIRATIONAL: President Masisi is said to be the envy of other Heads of State

He consults and values expert advise. He believes in pulling together and building people. Soon, we shall reap the fruits of his hard work. Soon everyone will see the bigger picture and appreciate him. I can’t wait to get out of here and meet him again and get to work and serve this great country.” 

Of late, the President has been under criticism by several social media influencers who feel he has failed the country’s citizens during the coronavirus pandemic days, saying further that he is instead focussing on enriching himself as information surfaced recently that he had been given shares by some influential businesspersons in the country. Many of his critics are opposition party activists, among them Botswana Patriotic Front leader Biggie Butale who has called on the president to resign.

Batlhalefi LeagajangMokgweetsi Masisi
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