Zodwa’s open legs punani picture breaks the internet



This past Friday Rebecca Zodwa Libram, better known as Zodwa Wa Bantu, shocked her followers on Instagram when she posted a picture of herself with legs wide open and showing part of her punani.

Her latest controversy comes about a week after she staged a no show in Francistown, where she was expected to a part of a music festival featuring the likes of Vee and Makhadzi of South Africa. Fans at the show in Francistown angrily reacted by throwing bottles and other missiles towards the stage in protest, after it was announced that she had tested positive to Covid-19 and had to isolate.

According to the Intagram post on Friday, Zodwa was attending a friend’s party, with a caption to her posted controversial picture reading: “My friend’s party allowed me to open my legs @dladalmshunqisi.”

Many of her Instagram followers wasted no time in zooming, screenshoting and reposting the picture on other social media platforms to attract a barrage of both cheers and jeers in equal measure.

While some posted that she should opened her legs a little more, others criticised her for not shaving. But Zodwa has never been one to take criticism about he r body seriously, always maintaining that afterall it is her body and with her, it is a case of ‘what you see is what you get.’

The 36-year-old South African media personality, socialite and dancer is famous for dancing without wearing panties, and many men have been seen to attend her shows just to have a feel of her assets whenever she is on stage. In recent times, videos shared on social media showed men drooling at her, gathered around her and puttong their hands in between her thighs right up the V area of her legs.

A controversial character who is equally loved by millions, Zodwa was in 2017 banned from perfoming in Zimbabwe and was also deported from Zambia. Botswana has never had a problem with her.

zodwa wa bantwana
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