Kabelo Mogwe and CharmaGal reunite in new hit song, Sibi


Local traditional music star Kabelo Mogwe and Botswana’s Mbaqanga  queen Magdelene Lesolebe are back working together and have recorded a new song called Sibi.

Both Lesolebe, famously known as CharmaGal, and Mogwe, known better as Kulenyane, are not new at doing song magic together as the two are known for the great hits they produced as part of the famed traditional music group Culture Spears.

The song is found in Kulenyane’s new collaboration album Didimala Moratiwa that also features another well-known Culture Spear, Thembeni Ramosetlheng. The song talks about people who have made it their business to irk a living out of conning and lying to unsuspecting victims.

As the song goes, ‘Motho yo Sibi ga a na nnete Kwena,’ it is a warning to look out for such people who never tell the truth in their dealings. It is a typical Culture Spears storyline and has reminded many of their followers about those days the once powerful group ruled Botswana and the entire Southern Africa. Many of their followers have since taken to social media to ask the artistes to release an album as the original Culture Spears.

The album Didimala Moratiwa also features South African song star Slindile who was part of the iconic disco group Splash, as well as Namibian DJ Siya who each have recorded a song with Kulenyane.

The new album by Kulenyane was released just before the start of lockdown

The album, which was released just before the start of Covid-19 lockdown,  follows on the other songs Kulenyane did on solo like Lebante, and Dibeisane. The last time Culture Spears produced an album as a group was when they offered Kokomchane that features hits such as Jibi Jibi and Mmabolekane. According to Mogwe, the next time Culture Spears comes up with an album, it will feature Thembeni and CharmaGal who did not feature in Kokomchane.

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